[NAUGHTY AMERICA 25-01-2018] Kayla Kayden (My Friend’s Hot Girl)

Another cock before marriage

Kayla Kayden is about to get married and she has ordered her wedding cake from chef and bakery expert, Frenchman Ricky Mancini. She is very anxious that everything is perfect for her wedding. Kayla takes the time to go through the bakery to check that the cake is as she wishes. The talk with Ricky becomes more enjoyable and Kayla ends up confessing something to him with what she is not very happy with. The future wife has only known the cock of her boyfriend and no other man. The busty blonde wants before getting married, fucking another man and a French lover would be perfect for that experience. The confectioner can not resist the huge tits of Kayla and she can not contain the emotion of getting into her pussy, such a huge cock. With the fuck that Ricky gives Kayla, she now has serious doubts whether she should marry or not.

Actors: Kayla Kayden

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