[LATINA SEX TAPE 20-12-2017] Spanish Dirty Talking Stepmom – (Mofos)

Spanish Dirty Talking Stepmom – Latina Sex TapesMOFOS

What would they do if they discover that their stepmom is a bitch?Facing her is what I’ve done, because I’m tired of being a dirty talking stepmom and pretending to be foolish. I went to her room and I was just in underwear with a rich Latin ass and some fake tits that dazzle. This latina bitch does that she knows how to tangle men. It was enough that she told me a few words, she showed me her extra big tits and immediately convinced me to calm down a bit. Then she took my cock with her hands and started to suck my dick. She put all her jewels on me and sat on my cock, sliding her gently into her pussy while looking at me with challenging eyes. The very bitch of my stepmother bounced like a spring on my cock while she shouted things in Spanish: “Chupamelo papi” “Que verga tan grande coño”, “Esa leche me la voy a tomar”. Actually I did not understand what she said but when I cum on her tits, she was shaking because she had an orgasm.

Actors: Victoria June

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